12x16 Framed Prints • $25.00 plus shipping

You can buy the following previously sold original art work as a 12"x16" print on stretched canvas. The print will come in a black frame and will be wired and ready to hang.  The outside dimensions of the frame are 18 5/8"x14 11/16."

1. Aspen Walk

2. Elkhorn Recreation Area

3. Peavy Arboretum

4. Dawn on East Lake

5. Priest Hole, John Day River

6. Twilight in Newport Harbor

7.  Punchbowl Falls

8.  Three Pools, Opal Creek Wilderness

9.  Lavender Valley

10. Fogarty Beach

11. Summer Waves

12. Sweet Creek

13. Sunset on Yaquina Lighthouse

14. Metolius River, by Wizard Falls Bridge